Memories…You Gave Them Memories: Bladerunner = My Hard Drives

While in the end of our time, my marriage; while in the heat of the moment that only involved my Ex2, while I packed a full house alone for us both to separate, the one thing I prepared for when she said in December she was going for him were to take my precious memories…and I did.  The precious hard drives…encrypted and encoded…thank you Apple.

So it comes to mind the precious commodity forthwrite in Bladerunner that kept the replicants sane.

(Above-My last tweet from Japan)

Pay in mind I did not do this as a theft, it was what I cared about most in the end.  While Ex2 divided furniture and talked of her moving DTLA because it was easier for him to commute, I talked of our memories and how she was throwing them away. Only four months later she realized the gravity of her mistake, to care not about memories, just her bed and throwing a separation party for their union, she realized what she missed, was on the hard drives. God damn birth pictures…It was the source of a huge post split-up fight…she demanded copies…(not a chance), my so called my Dunkirk event as I previously wrote about…

(First tweet States-side)

The memories we need…The memories…My mother was right…in a house fire, take the photo albums-as I was just a child hearing this, how true in rang again in my time of anxiety…And my house was burning down indeed, engulfed in a torrential blaze. I packed them safely early on and so they remain forever.

So I did…I took my hard drives…and I left her with almost nothing else….memories and the precious furniture…testimonials by him and court drama…

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