‘Walking In My Shoes’ #DepecheMode #Genderfluid Salute – A Coincidence?!

Amazingly twist of coincidence. A super genetic coworker of mine seems to have the same wavelength as myself. After a 12th floor meeting adjourned I mozied by her new desk to say howdy. She moved up from my Division.

She said ‘OMG, I was at the Depeche Mode concertt at the Hollywood Bowl over the weekend and they had the greatest video with the song Walking in My Shoes. She said it had to be a page out of ‘so and so’  (my boy name) life?’ Me if you need the hint. 

I was like no-way?  I love that song. I know all the words. It’s been my divorce-inspiration sad, self-loathing, crying in my car, theme song. (It’s because I think he (my replacement) can’t know how I feel more or less walk in heels). The coincidence is funny too as I tweeted about it April 2017. 

She sent me the link to DM’s performance in Amsterdam. I was blown away.!! It’s about a genderfluid male that dresses up! A coincidence?    No way.  Depeche Mode totally gets me, that damn song was about being genderfluid. 

I mean yeah-so it’s kind of normal, for us.  Back to her: the fact that she thought of me was so endearing. I texted her back today and sent her the warmest ‘thank you. I 💜it.’

It’s so needed to be accepted. I know many of you do; though I atest my marriage ended in part because of Delilah.  The pain is enduring. I won’t ever get over it. 

However; today, a warm blanket of goodness fell over me from my coworker’s acceptance…and LOL. Her initials. Are DM. 

We both love DM!