The Earth Stopped When I Found Out. 

‘On Spring Street it was hard as hell not to cry today’

..As I reflect again alone. After practing with Wyked Dave and Clover because for one it reminds me of my first Intensive just before I found out and also because she sent a reassuring email after the class this afternoon that the divorce would be kind-of okay. Though on Speing Street it was hard as hell not to cry as a read the message. Of course how could I cry in the street in front of my bottom. 

I reflect on when I found out she was in love with someone else. For me it stopped the Earth’s rotation.  It was like death. As for geologist this is huge 

It was everything to me to lose her. I have my girls-yeah but it’s not the same as my girls and her. Without her the Earth remained. It just stopped moving. 

It was crazy. In a moment when I knew something was odd, her being so angry I said ‘I miss you.’

She said ‘I’m in love with someone else.’

Well if your human and knew her beauty.  The Earth would stop for you too.  That’s how phoneminal this is to me. Divorce. 

The Earth moves again. Albeit. Just a little slower than it used too.