Wyked Dave and Clover Intensive. Second Round

Lovely day this Sunday practicing and training under a truely masterful rigger and insightful bottom. I made novice mistakes as the least experienced in the class, and yet I feel immensely good about it. 

Like I’m not deflecting; I feel they all have been there. I was doing it and they didn’t judge me. It was nice. I made mistakes. No panic. 

To be honest I take few risks at transitions in Shibari in private. I know my limitations. But hey. He was there, it was a class setting. I gave it try. I messed it up. Wyked Dave helped. It felt good. 

Then I did another thing we he advised not too. Now I’ve seen them all do it. So I didn’t feel so bad. But he’s right, so play it safely. I can’t agree more. I’m in rope for the long game. The running game. 

I asked a few questions. Not like me. One may have been in error or naive. Though that’s okay. I am a novice. I just thought too riggers consult with other top riggers. I guess not. His genius is his own. I meant no disrespect. 

In the end after this weekend intensive I learned more than expected. Much more. On first glance I think it’s my past years experience. I understand what he means.  Mostly. He’s so technically insightful I just manage to catch 50%.  Okay I understand half of what he means. Better than last year!

Good enough. Today was a good day. 

Bondage wise.