All For Dinner – My Drive Story for Her

…when you drive from Alhambra on the 10 freeway through DTLA on the 101 Four-Level (aka, The Stack)…to K Town…exit Vermont (on a Friday evening, no it wasn’t raining it stopped raining in Kalifornia)…drive to a restaurant (Noshi Sushi-Great Affordable Real Crab Sushi House), & amazingly parallel park your car on the first try (yes I’m that fucking good) a mile away (parking sucks so much ass in KT), then drive her to WeHo for a Pole dance exhibit for up and comers at BeSpun (I could not go-adults only [I had my minions (2) bless them])…and drive home back to South Pass….all for dinner.  Bed at 930.

…That’s how much I wanted to see CStarr…. (so no this wasn’t the show I missed it was thrown by BeSpun last year)…but hey sexy sells….so why not share….at least my drive story