Sobriety Check

Sobriety Check!

So I didn’t really drink last night, just a little wine.  The sobriety comes from last night’s delusion that perhaps I was going to connect with a new player.  It just didn’t ‘pan out.”  I went out solo….Delilah Han Solo…sometime you gotta.

So with this one, we texted for days and days, on and off, for over a month.  Seemed to get a long and even considered play the time meeting before.   Last night I got dressed pretty and a little wild, ready to tie.  I wasn’t aggressive and not timid.  You can’t get to tie, if you don’t ask.  I didn’t get dressed up and bring rope to stand around.

It didn’t happen.  I was brushed off.

She played with others, seriously played.  Maybe just our energy in person doesn’t work?  Interesting.

I did think I messed up and didn’t….I asked her mistress if I could step in and whisper in her ear while being played with….we were watching and I was…

I’ve had this done to me and my former Ex2 did it all the time. I asked, of-course.  Ask, it’s not my scene and since we conversed for a month I thought it might be okay to give her a head trip.  It’s a trip to the submissive, and throws them off.  It clearly did and I got feedback…I’m an adult, responsible Scene player I can take it.  Though, I was like, ‘really?’

Players these days are clearly different than days of yore.  Sensitive…sometime a bit of experience helps them….It’s easy to look back and me and what I did, criticize, though its just as easy to miss an opportunity to really play, I mean play in the head.

You just stand there and watch…fine I will try and do in error….So you see that’s the head trip of play….I mean one can tie, one can punch, yeah-yeah oh be so dominant….but can you make them think about you the next day?

God morning Sunday!