In My Girls Room – Good Night Moon

Tonight I have to sleep in my daughters room. They aren’t with me this week. They are with them. Her and him.

My project in my room is drying. And it smells like an oil or residue. Too strong. I could get sick.

So after a work out, long stretch, shower I sit here. Just calm. Alone.

It’s okay. Strangely. Crickets in the night. The light humm of my fans. That damn albatross is more than I wanted. But it’ll pay off.

But that’s me. Bite more than I can chew. Modestly was never my strong point.

So while I sit alone I think of my girls when they were three. How I took care of them so many times alone as she did her sessions.

Good night super moon. Good night giraffe. Good night to the little light.

Good night to you my darling twins. I love you. I wanted you. And you are in my heart. I wait for you to come home back to me.