SusPension riG

My suspension rig which was so delicately designed and carefully crafted is now my bane. It took forever to assemble, too big, he built it for a Cyclops, and it came in as a baby shit brown color that I insisted on repainting it.  That was rather easy. Repainting…It looks great!

The drying part is a disaster. My room smelled like shit and still does, I can’t play which I should be. I should have girls hanging upside down on it.  My contractor is great when he’s on it. But he’s out, dirt biking! For real.

I’m sleeping in my girls room.  Ugh.

Yeah life is hard when you got these problems right?  But for real, my work load is off the charts and I get called to jury duty…like what’s next?

I know…paint a clear coat…part II to my suspension rig slow moe…when do I fit this in and all I want to do is tie and I got girls that want to be tied….like yeah this is a hIndeRancE.