Night Terrors

Last night I had my second one, they call them Night Terrors. My first, around 2016 was very much frightening and I was later informed what I went through by a friend via Twitter.

I awoke last night unable to move. I thought someone was in my room too, pushing down on me. In fact, my right foot toes were hurting. I thought too they had done this to me.

I had to force a breath out along with like a jolt and exhale. It’s weird. I was conscious. But could not move.

Very intriguing. My first night terror I accounted to my post-concussion syndrome (aforementioned TBI) I had endured for two years. Just a part of the numerous side affects. I thought that was my body finally getting back to normal as my sleep patterns started to return and I was recovering.

Last night was a new episode. Not the ocean waves of past.

Apparently the feelings of intrusion are common. Alien abductions as well. I clearly thought someone was next to me. Of course I am living Delilah Han Solo now, so who’d that be, Princess Lea?!

At least now I have some humor about it. And at 95% TBI recovery, this is all but a flash back episode.

And odd coincidence; that last night…I was talking about it!