Happy Birthday – Groundhog Day

I wonder, (was its like 10PM, when I wrote this earlier it was 10 AM) do I wish her a Happy Birthday, or just let in lay and rest?  No ill-will intentionally, you stupid trolls, just why bring myself back in? I’m unwanted….JAja

Last year I was graciously given the day with my girls to celebrate one last time as a family, in the end, as we see…missing that day for you, is not as important as having it today…but is it? Tomorrow it shall be done. What say us in 10 or 20 years? You?

We shall see…what do I mean? I mean it’s not that important…to say to one a Happy Birthday…it is only a day.  It’s best to be there on that day.

…It’s all part of the process isn’t it?