New Me – Post #M2

My new me path is on. I decided that there’s no excuse now to keep drinking. My concussion is over. I drank to drown that.

My divorce is all but done. No more reason to drink over that. In fact after signing and being so upset crawling into another bottle of whiskey I said that’s it!

I’ve done this before. I’m stopping again for a long duration. I may on occasion. But not regularly. This I need.

Also. I’m going to bed earlier. By 10. I’m actually pretty tired by this time. I’m laying in my bed pretty worn out right now. My work intensity has gone up. I’m more able to sleep now. My work outs up. Even a long stretch just before for bed bed.

My legs tingle. Ummm. Stretching.

Better sleep. More active. Less hungry. Sounds like a low cal beer.

So. My new me on my post Marriage No. 2. M2!

Good night moon.