My Old Friend – Vertigo

Yesterday my old friend showed up…ever so slightly at first, a feeling of waves, unease slight imbalance.

Boy it’s been awhile.Vertigo. This was more of a level 3 out of 10 than a level 1 out 10 I live with. By the end of the day I was feeling it. I wasn’t scared or too worried, I’ve been through this many times, in fact having had it as 9 for moths and an 7-8 for years this was all but a relapse.

I had to lay down at home when I got home from work. That’s unusual. I ate a little dinner. I thought maybe it’s my body normalizing from all the damn alcohol I’ve consumed and dropped off recently. In my new me campaign.

So un-regretting, I broke open an Angry Orchard beer and had only a half. Very light beer…I mean super light.

I felt better. But that’s alcohol. It masks Vertigo. You can’t tell the difference. Why I drank so much when I was sick.

Well I’m back on my me campaign today. Let’s hope my old friend went home.. sometimes relapses can go on for a week or more.