Social Media Rules of Engagement

Recently I opened up a few new Social Media Accounts to supplement my exiting ones, and also refine my profiled interests. My old tried and true like Twitter are still my go–to’s though the new ones are A-must. Facebook obviously and Instagram, which everyone uses, more so than Twitter. I’ve realized I have a few rules of engagement I follow for each SM account, with that stated; here are my rules:

@DelilahKnotty | Twitter – Anyone can follow | Following back is now selective…

@DKBlackfish | Instagram – Only approved can follow | Following back is always selective…

Delilah Blackfish | Facebook – Only approved can friend | I will Friend back… | WordPress – Anyone can view (except private posts or unpublished)…

Delilah Knotty | Flicker Only | Flicker users only

Delilah Knotty | Google Plus – Anyone can follow | I never follow back

DK Blackfish | YouTubeChannel | Up and Coming

…So for the two new SM accounts, I only want likeminded interests. On FB and Instagram it’s pure rope and my bondage path. WordPress is my friend I talk too late at night or midday. Twitter is my bitch.

…Flicker is my neglected redheaded step child.

….Google Plus is the brown dwarf star I own. Totally blind from view in the SM universe.