Being Sick

This is going to be a rapid fire blog and obscure…I find it incredibly weird that we get sick.  I mean all of us do, the poor the rich, living in a house or living on the street.  We get sick.

When we tell someone, a coworker we’re ill, they nod their head and let you go.  It’s like stopping at a red light everyone does, even the maniacs generally speaking.  We get sick, and we all share in the experience.

A virus or bacteria infects us and it weakens us. Our body slows down, we ache and/or more importantly the manifestation of the infection is such that we basically stop being normal. We all know it.

And we all wait for you or ourselves to get better.

One is saying yeah so?  So….it’s like part of being human. We get sick.

I have a cold, so I keep saying it…I lay on my couch, I moan and groan…complain and sneeze…

Meanwhile my work waits for me to return. Hopefully….I wonder when I am old, like 70 how it will feel to be sick…will I feel like this could be the one to take me down. Today, its just a head cold, tomorrow it could be death calling….meanwhile I go lay and rest for that next day of being well in-between being sick.

See I said it would be obscure.