On the way out the door of my second marriage last year, one conversation comes to mind, my Ex2 told me to make new friends and don’t tail coat on me! Yeah it was about Twitter but let’s read between the lines.

I said I would and I am! The path began months before…and while the marriage ended, I stuck with my journey to keep going, start to learn the arts of rope…Shibari and on the way make friends. And keep the precious few that I had! Thank you!!!!

I found them. It’s in the rope community. If you are searching for bondage, it’s right in front of you! A group dedicated to the passion to practice rope, share knowledge, play, exhibit, and touch minds and hearts.

It’s in rope, it’s in bondage.

I’m astonished to see so many involved who throw the event and share their time to bring something like this together. It’s about the community and as a common group…a hive mind state, they build colonies.

And so with this I conclude my Bondage Expo Dallas Expedition as a neophyte. And next year I shall attend as a sophomore.

Though in my Shibari rope path I will be at Year 3. And at Year 20 as a bondage enthusiast…so you see I’m not a novice just a beginner…as Kazami-San said to me in Osaka. ‘Beginner!’

A milestone for me. Year 3…of my 3-5-10 year plan.

Circling back. I have made new friends.

Though most of whom we only sit together in class and part ways after a long weekend, we sit together and supportively of each other.

Some I will know more than others…and so in the end, I said would and am doing so…