Social Media Engagement – Engage to Get Engaged (Part II of My When to Follow)

Recently the use of engagement as a metric to measure social media (SM) success ran across my news feed and has since peaked my interest. There are several goto articles to read about (Social Media Engagements) and they have some merit. I’ve always realized that shares, likes and comments mattered to my Pavlovian impulse to post on SM.

Like why the heck else post if I get no response?! As it is, engagement is now the term used for response. Will someone come for food when you ring the bell? As seen above, this one Tweet is very popular and has high engagement!

While I still believe Followers matters most, when being added to follow in split seconds, the context that engagements is what you should seek seems very important to me now rather the number of follower!!!

At least this now it redirects me to think less about how many followers I have. Perhaps now if I seek to post for engagement, that will feed my need for validation than those who or how many followers.

I shall post with the intent to receive than get new followers….so now to update my previous when to follow blog I have a quick breakdown for the ‘attention deficits!’

  • It’s who you follow and are followed by that matters….mostly….
  • It is likes, shares and most importantly, reshares that matters MOST!
  • And in my opinion: not based on articles. It is how you engage with others that will get you engagements.

Don’t be a deadbeat sociopathic want-to-be unnumbered user. If you want to feel the social media high, i.e., engagements, you will need to engage. The new analytics behind the social media powerhouses base your growth on your use. If you don’t use it and then post and then expect an audience, but just get the sound of the floor under your feet as you beat the Los Angeles streets, it’s because you’re a deadbeat social media user.

Engage to get engaged.