Much to do About Nothing

So while standing in line at Porto’s for lunch in Downey, this blog came to mind and stemmed from the fact that I really had nothing new, I say new, brewing. I’ve got a few on the back burner.

It came to mind that my blogs in general are written within an hour and come as a stream of conscious just as this one unfolds. So often than not I rarely think one over, but I do think about if I should have posted. I have backtracked before, hiding from backlash though of late it’s just post and move on.

It’s my blog my life who’s to dictate me post-M?!

My last blog was actually written in Palm Springs Regional Hospital as family came in to say good bye to my grandmother. Of course I sat in the waiting area in the lobby, I had already said my goodbye. RIP… so I wrote to not think too hard.

So as you see this blog has much to do about nothing except my need to write and get it out of head.

Too much in there or I ruminate!