I am More Human, Than Human

….Our Motto is More Human, Than Humans….What would you say to that Mr. Deckard?


Finishing my 5th watch of Blade Runner 2049, my thoughts go back to my memories of March and February 2017.  My memories of despair and pain, and betrayal.  I entered Haneda Airport after my journey into Japan with my greatest of friends, and sat and wondered what my future would be as my marriage ended when I returned? Apropos as Tokyo reminded me of Blade Runner the original, and that the sequel long-awaited was approaching in May 2017; and more-so, my memories of love and dreams of raising children together vanquished. Forever.

More human than human….Is it that they could feel more than us? That the memories they held on to, meant so much, made them more human than us?  Do we take for granted the memories we created to just put into a box, lock and key, inside our heads and tuck it away?



The Replicants, were more human than human.  They felt and cared and loved them so much to go back to Earth to find how to keep them longer, more than 4 years or in mine 18 years.

While we take for granted the precious moments we created…to see what is in front of us…I have not and will not forget my past and archived them in me….as is such above…they make me feel, they give me pain, they make null and yet whole…

I am more human than human.