Beach Day Why Worry

At the beach…it’s been a year or more since I laid at the beach. I strolled over to the local market and got some beverages and thought to myself, I spent a summer here, maybe two or three. I recollect my younger years taking a bus to Newport. My father lived close. About ten miles. I would come in daily.

And lived in OC once.

The market and or streets seemed familiar.

My past is odd. Like chapters and books. Though I don’t read anymore I know the basics of categorical systems. Volumes, libraries and such.

Leaving the market I thought how calm I am. Though I’ve had recent dramas, they are far from last last year’s. What is there to worry about? Money?

Probably. My bank account has shrunk and my retirement just got hit; part of her leaving was taking my earned 457. Oh-well. It’s like fake money. Never real to you see it. And honestly many of us won’t. We’ll die before. But I have a good job and an intact untouched pension! whoa!!!!!

Stable and well paid in terms of education payoff. I have some cash, but not a lot anymore. Most important I have my health. My cardiologist-gave me another year. I do sit ups and work out. Got a tummy not big. I’m not phat. Just healthy. I like tequila.

So what’s my issue? Girls in my life, my play partners and potentials. Lovely beings that enter and go on. I miss one that has swam to new shores. Maybe she’ll come back? We are forever friends. And she’s in my heart.

What is there to worry about? Not much at the moment.

But like the ocean. Life has tides. And I see a swell coming in from the far western pacific. A storm unbeknownst to most except those near Tahiti. It travels fast. 200 Knotts per hour. Under the sea…

You can’t see such swells. Until they come near shore.