My Bridge to Empathy – Music.

I sit an relax on a Thursday. My Friday. And look at this spectacle in front of me listening to music.

Music. Music reminds me of my past, present and hopefully my future. Often I hear songs that I once played with Georgia. I tell my partners. This song and that song.

They don’t seem to mind as I must share. I think when will these memories fade. They are are already 19 years old. Probably never.

In between new tunes play. Very good ones from many new musicians. Like them now. They shall remind me of nights like tonight. New musics to new partners. Yet as I sit now the new as I hear sang it will bridge me to the past. It’ll never fade to grey.

I’m not afraid of who I was or what I had.

Not me.

I embrace it and share it. It’s why I have empathy. Why I share now. Why one day you shall see us of the past. In love…now dead.

No one no how. Shall stop me.