Cis Male

So…what’s it like to be a cis male? I’m trying it out. After I wasn’t quite it, while married. I can now be after being divorced and single now.

Ironically as being kind of trans, driving out my second wife, being a cis male may well drive out my current partners. They don’t know me as this. And neither do I! WTF?!

So I put away my tights. Put away my dresses. Throw out the heels!!! Growing a beard and giving up a pedicure. I’m in for the cis-fucking male. What’s it like? What shall I be?

Shall I get cis-females or be alone. Likely alone. Inside I am anything than this. I’m merely role playing. Cis male. What a joke. What a sin. To be is to exploit. Pretend. Pretentious pricks.

But hey. She hated me as Delilah. What is it about Delilah that wasn’t good? It was Delilah. Be him. Be a man! Fuck like a man.

So here I go. Being a man. The weights I have been pumping for three months have strengthened. Now I shall grow.

DK- ha! DK with muscles.

What a pussy you were to lose everything Delilah. Now go out and be Blackfish. Be a man….