YOU. or YOU?


Not just a one worded statement ending in a period, it also provokes a question without asking. You? Feeling quite the same, yes? You, the show that I began last night on Netflix also provoked the same conflict.

You on the surface is about a stalker, a smart one who knows all the insiders and sly remarks, ability to see inward and outward, on the fly and without a whim. Are there really smart person out there like this, I ask myself? Because I tried to keep up. Of course it is Netflix, writers get some time to come up with such cool shit.

Episode 1 of You elicited a whole array of thoughts in my head. It was a lonely divorcee night, you see.

As the show started it was a person working in a book store profiling individuals. Within a minute he finds a cute female and hones in. Like a keen Chetah predator in the Savanah, this mere of-age millenial wondered too far from her den. Immediately he begins to dissect her. And wow, I was into it and floored. Watching it I began to agree with him and also question, because that’s not what I saw.

“Is this really about a stalker or about how I see things, I wonder, or more to the point how I see me?”

So after seeing him follower her, profile her Social Media, get into her house, etc. I thought shit, this show is about a stalker, but it is also about her. It is as if he represents her inner self, fully and constantly analyzing what to wear, what to post on SM, and why post it, more like. This guy is not just a creepy stalker (thank you), he is also her inerself and mine, OMG. A pure physcho – manifestation.

It’s weird to think on the surface that nah, this show is just about a true real phsycho. Yeah keep it simple. Sleep good at night, my friend, For me, this true stalker is manifested because we in society created him/them. Our world somehow in someway, allow persons like this to develop. Is it our natural way. Prey and Predators. Eat or be eaten?

I think it is. While we constantly prey on ourselves, question why we wear or don’t, question why we don’t care, someone one does care about You. Society!

Society says act this way, act that way, behave with the hive, laugh all the time, Be happy. Yet deep inside Society’s push for normalcy manifests the aborrent, the odd, the outlier(s). Natural selection gives out to true monsters.

Most monsters lie in ourself. No you say. May I ask: Why are you or have been to a therapist I ask you? Inner fucking demons.

But sometimes, and in a world of millions upon millions, procreating multiplying, that one in a million evolutionary self anilhillating meat-eater is created. It is You. It is all of us.