Lost Emotional Intelligence – Remote Working Blues

I just ended my day, and it was a frustrating ending.

Remote working over the pandemic has brought a lot good things, but our lost emotional intelligence is really staring to show. I just got bagged on for a wrong project number, I just “don’t get it” they said in an email blast to my coworkers! WTF?!

I have been doing this for a long time, hundreds of times per year, and this time I used the wrong number. OMG.

The remote working has allowed us to be in complete disconnection with our humanity. I have seen employees say what ever they want, bag on whole units, now it’s in emails routinely. It has to be the loss of eye to eye connectivity. We are losing the connection with the human side and easily type what we want or say want we want, even at times when it was reserved for emergencies. I mean, this use to be a 6th graders problem with social media!

Gotta say…I don’t get it.