Word Press Upgrades

Every so often, being it a year or two, I get in it my head to upgrade my Blog page. One such meaningful upgrade is to include select galleries of my rope bondage photography and film, of which I have generated quite a lot over the last two years. I did start a Vimeo Page after all to host my videos in HD.

Vimeo Link is Here: https://vimeo.com/user91085420

I am not very good at this, and no wonder why I wait so long to work these Blog upgrades, I sit here in my home office (desk next to my bed) relearning as I go. It’s frustrating, and so it drives me enough crazy to make me wait yet another year or two before I start again. But this time was a little easier. I suppose because I didn’t completely revamp my Blog like last time.

So I am about to take a break for the day and circle back tomorrow, fresh as a daisy.

If you’re interested in some of the new content, I added more videos, which ironically pull from Vimeo as the host. https://delilahknotty.wordpress.com/reilly/

Or you can just see it embedded here (see, it’s getting easier).