Instagram Statistics – The Prestige

Statistics. I say I am not good at them, though I aced Statistics in college. Only class I got 99.9%, and gracefully asked my professor to put a plus (+) next to my A. He did.

Today I really am not that good at them anymore, but for the rudimentary, the elementary stuff like IG statistics, I can read them. While I read the charts and graphs in the manner I want, in the way I see them, which is by far why I got the +, as statistics can be read in many ways. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to reading numbers. The in between is where those juicy details are.

I shared on my IG story today some insight, perhaps a little too much, though I think most won’t really hear me. I merely said that it is not rope suspensions or Seminawa (painful rope) that matters in a post, it is showing the human side.

The humanity. -That is, Pledge the audience a promise.

It is connecting with your audience. Ever hear write for your audience? That is so true. Do you think the success of a Broadway play is written for the writers and critics? Of course they are in part! A Broad way play among its story and flamboyant theatrics, it is written for the participants to make money, a way of living to justify their Arts Degree and to entertain, and all while working! Paying taxes.

I see too often on IG. Posts catering to each other. The same plate of oatmeal, oh please; may I have any serving said the poor boy? These story’s we read, the boy asking for oatmeal, it is about the mundane, not being poor. Anecdotally, expand yourself. Okay I lost you there.

Suspensions are wonderful, they are a great journey, and the pain from rope, equally satisfying to me as it is to them. But to the audience, the country folk, who ride in to town to sit at the parlor and watch the greatest showman, the illusionist do their trick. They want to be entertained. D0 something that will awe them, do something that they can connect too. What is that, identity. Their own identity. Make them say, I would like that to be me. That my friends, is the Turn.

And so, herein today, I gave up a trick today. Will they notice? Maybe some. Maybe some just can’t, won’t or care. All while wondering why their IG fails, stagnates, gets rebooted by a deletion.

The Prestige you see, I just gave away. “One should never give up your trick, after you do, you are wroth nothing to them.”

The trick, resides in the IG statistics that takes its numbers from your posts. Why else would IG care to share them with us? They are worth value. It is not the code of the matrix. The numbers tell you, are you connecting, are your Pledge and Turn working?

Can you create a Scene, such that some one say, ‘I want that to be me?’ Or are you posting for some one else, the great ones, other rope artists or? Or, are you posting for others, the 1 billion possible IG users?

The Prestige….so you say you want followers, rope followers you say? Wonder why mine grew so quickly?

I post to my audience, the missing audience that doesn’t follow me; yet.