Counting the Ambien

I am counting my Ambien tonight and making sure I have enough to take me through Tuesday. I hope my doctor will see me soon to get a refill.

Maybe ten days left if I spilt these. Sometime a quarter is enough. But I think I will need a refill. I have 9 full pills and 4 halvsies.

My stomach hurts, is it no food or is it my soul? My arms tingle and I feel weird. Is it no food or my despair? IDK and who fucking cares. My cloths fit better already, well I shouldn’t be eating all that cereal anyway, that what my staff tells me. Good geo’s. They like their work.

I guess i’ll pass out soon. I took a half and am letting it sink in. I wonder if I will sleep until 5 AM or wake up at 2 AM like I have all week. Weird to be up at that time.

Deep breath DK. I miss that part of our play. Always started with a mindful deep breath. We would sink in with a deep breath for what is next.

Breath Delilah, Breath.