Empire State of the Mind (Lonely Nights)

The only thing that keeps me sane from unloading in a pillow of tears is my Xanex. I listen to music and dream….dream of calm..a sea of small waves. I dream of moments….memories.

In 2009 I went to New York with my Ex2, my dear ex wife whom I loved so much…..I remember feeling so sad that night. It was our first time alone with our twins. I called them in the cab to talk to them on the way to the Science Museum and this song had just came out….we were there for a Scene’s friends wedding…

I won’t ever forget hear them talk to me….it was so calming….yeah they could talk. They were 2 years old.

I thought that “There’s nothing I can’t do…”

However, there are things I can’t do. God willing there are things are out of my control.