As a Cancer sign, I know of these things. It is a sphere around myself that seems safe. I feel that with all my recent troubles my ‘space’ that I need has expanded, enormously. I have leaned strongly into some close friends and now I begin to worry I have taken too much of theirs.

I wonder, should I crawl in, dig down and dig deep. Wait for the tide to come back in so I am safe again from the sky lurkers above? I feel as if all my problems don’t stop. Am I one of those persons with constant drama? (Yes)

Kids, anxiety over my relationship, work and co-workers, money, taxes I owe this year and shingles? Doctors visits, therapists, and ER visits at midnight. (Yes I bring up shingles. If you had it, you’d complain.) Wearing a mask and ever increasing cost of living and Trader Joes shelves emptying out. Luckily I am gainfully employed. But that’s the best I got.

So as so. It is time I give space to my fiends and closest, I will temper myself. That is I will to them personally. If I can’t shut up about my shit, I guess maybe, we can’t see each other later. I feel bad. As anyone knows, being a Cancer is not exactly extroverted entanglements. Its rocky terrane on the ocean floor, rummaging and scavenging. Finding someone to cuddle is like not easy peasy. We are made of hardened exoskeletons.

Well. Space it is.