Hovering at 90%. I docked it 5, just to be sure, just to be sure.

I’m not over confident. Being overly confident has taught me to not be overly confident. Believe me, once I thought I was done, yet the real test was about to begin.

At this time it’s just a head rush I feel, here and there. A power surge to the head, not so much brain that’s secondary, a rush.  Once and awhile, mostly when I’m really tired. Or at ease. It’s there when I notice or recognize it-it’s there. (Plus memory. That’s another micro-blog.)

It’s like, oh yeah it happened-it happened. I’ve been through it. I’ve endured.

The vertigo is gone. I can look down, up down all around not feel as if I am going to fall over puiking. 90%. No vertigo is life is back!

(Slurring or words. loss of coordination…another blog…early days.)

Also, I’m at ease-more so, less angry. I joke more, I seem serious at first, then I can quip a joke unepectedly,…those close to me unsure, like is this for real? Fights that seemingly start don’t-very good signs.

God, at one time, I felt rage, heat-red like the Sun, a red giant!  For what reason-if only one could have felt or seen in my eyes the feeling of it? Gone are those days, though I’m tempered, I’m humbled.

Don’t be over confident.

…At this stage of the game….1 and 1/2 years++ in, I can live with this. My new normal-fucking fine.

God forsake I ever go through this again.

Strike me down first dear lord…



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